Septic inspection:

If you are buying, selling, or even renting a home with a septic system, you do not want to skip having septic inspection. As with any system, there are multiple components of your septic system that could fail and cause a very costly and disgusting disaster. Without a proper inspection, you run the risk of that costly mess becoming your responsibility even when you are the seller.
Most lenders and buyers want to know the working status of onsite septic or wastewater treatment systems before closing on a property, but did you know that there is no local regulation that requires a septic inspection to be performed by a licensed or certified inspector? Most septic inspections performed in Oklahoma are none other than home inspectors or licensed installers that are only trained on installation but are not experts in examining existing systems for issues that you, as a home buyer, need to know about! Here at Anytime, Inc. we have multiple certified installers, certified inspectors, licensed insurance agents, licensed insurance adjusters and even licensed plumbers that are fully qualified and bonded for you protection.

It is important to understand that not having a licensed or certified inspector review the workability of your septic system can lead to misinformation and ultimately increase the likelihood of needing expensive repairs down the road. It is in your best interest to ensure that the septic system in your potential new home is thoroughly examined for issues like:

Cracked/collapsing tank

Non-functioning laterals lines

An inoperable aerobic pump system

A quick walk-through that involves simply running the water or flushing the toilet is NOT a septic inspection and does not provide an accurate depiction of the workability of your system.

CALL TODAY to speak with one of our Oklahoma DEQ Licensed Installers and Certified Inspectors about your septic inspection. Our experts have more than 25 years of experience in the inspection and installation of all types of conventional and aerobic wastewater systems.

Our experts will provide a thorough report same day of the inspection. If the home has previously been part of our regular maintenance contract, we’ll provide copies of past system installation and inspection records to ensure you have all the information to make the best decisions for your septic and for your home.

Conventional and Aerobic Septic Inspections in NE Oklahoma

There are several types of septic or wastewater system inspections — which type a property need is determined by the type of system and by the inspector.

Common inspection points include:

For aerobic wastewater systems (common in Northeast Oklahoma), we also check: